500 Simple and Tasty Keto Recipes for Beginners and Pros

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Do you love cooking using your air fryer? Well, I do and especially when it comes to keto diet recipes. Here’s a nice cookbook with 500 tasty recipes inside, introducing the Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook written by bestselling author Jeff Jones. For those who don’t know, Air Fryer is an innovative tool that makes cooking much easier and much healthier. In other words, this cookbook will make cooking so much fun! So let’s find what’s inside that book with plenty of these ketogenic recipes.

The Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook gathered 500 best Air Fryer recipes to help you follow the keto diet. We all know what it takes in order to take your body in a state of ketosis. Witch means high fat and low carb are involved to give all the things your body needs to stay healthy, but also to keep all the energy feel it needs. That’s the reason the author has chosen the best keto recipes for a maximum of performance. Of course, it means more ketones in your body but to increased metabolism as well. Unlike several keto cookbooks that tI reviewed here on this blog, the Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook doesn’t have any meal plans, but it is more like a keto recipe book that you can add to an existing diet. Right after a short introduction, you will find plenty of breakfast recipes, main dishes, fish & seafood stuff, low carb desserts and much more. It’s mainly a quick guide to a ketogenic diet with some great meal suggestions. Some of the recipes you will find are:

  • Cheese and Mushrooms Spread
  • Spring Onions and Chicken Breast
  • Chili Salmon and Shrimp Bowls
  • Chili Lamb and Cucumber Salsa
  • Blueberries and Chocolate Cream

Those ketogenic recipes above are just the tip of the iceberg. Remember there are 500 recipes from the cookbook. Plus the Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook has plenty of great quality illustrations included with each recipe, all instructions are clear and easy to follow and don’t require to aby exotic or expensive ingredients. Even if you don’t follow a monthly meal plan like many keto diets, this cookbook has plenty to offer. Most recipes are delicious and plus they are healthy.

Keto recipes will always help you somehow because they are so many benefits for everyone and you can still enjoy all the benefits of a keto diet! Most of us want to lose weight quickly, others will want these recipes because they want to boost their metabolism while others will want to reduce their epileptic seizures and the list continues. My advise is this. If you already have an air fryer cooker and you need some more great healthy and low-carb recipes that can help your body to stay healthy, then you might want to consider getting that cookbook. The Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook is actually available in two formats. The one that I prefer is the Kindle version because you can download the product immediately after you purchase it. This one is available for only $3.08USD with no extra charges. However, if you prefer, you can get the paperback edition as well for only, $9.31USD, this price excludes the shipping & handling fees. So why don’t you get that great cookbook today!

Get The Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook and enjoy all the benefits of keto diet by checking this out right HERE!

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