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Did you know that the Mediterranean diet is actually know as the best way to get healthy in 2019? According to many studies on the subject, the people who decided to follow a Mediterranean diet have a longer life expectancy. Many of the study cases also demonstrate that the risk of chronic diseases can be lowered down. So let me introduce you to this brand new Mediterranean diet cookbook called: 550 Quick, Easy and Healthy Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Everyday Cooking by author Liam Sandler who is also known as a nutritionist and dietitian he also provides functional nutrition services for adults of all ages, kids and families who are seek natural approaches to health using food as medicine. Liam is also the author of other bestselling books such as The Dash Diet Cookbook for beginners, and The Keto Diet for Beginners 2019 Cookbook.

The 550 Quick, Easy and Healthy Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Everyday Cooking is one of the kind that people will absolutely enjoy cooking some super healthy meals and will let you saving some precious time as well. We also know that a Mediterranean diet mainly focus on whole grains, veggies, beans, low-fat dairy, nuts, fish, lean red meat and olive oil, plus it comes from many part of the world such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Israel and other parts of the Middle East. Unlike people in North America, these part of the world has discovered the benefits of the power of some of the ingredients and this is where this book will become very handy. We all know that most people in most part of America enjoy eating a variety of great recipes and it seems many of us even enjoy Mediterranean recipes as well. Speaking about great and delicious recipes, here’s a peak of what you will find in that cookbook:

  • Strawberry and Carrots Salad
  • Salmon and Mango Mix
  • Scallions and Salmon Tartar
  • Turkey, Leeks and Carrots
  • Turkey and Asparagus Mix
  • Chicken with Artichokes and Beans
  • Pomegranate Pork and Sweet Potatoes
  • Mozzarella and Pears Salad
  • Cinnamon Banana and Semolina Pudding and etc

The 550 Quick, Easy and Healthy Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Everyday Cooking also contain plenty of information you need to know about the Mediterranean diet. The book start with its definition with the main guidelines, foods to eat and what to avoid. You will be able to get plenty of tips and tricks that will help you to follow the Mediterranean diet and of course you will be able to find 550 delicious easy-to-follow Mediterranean recipes with ingredients that can easily be found at your local grocery store. All recipes are divided into sections such as:

  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Side Dish Recipes
  • Snacks & Appetizers Recipes
  • Fish & Seafood Recipes
  • Poultry Recipes
  • Meat Recipes
  • Vegetable Recipes
  • Dessert Recipes

This Mediterranean recipe cookbook is very awesome and handy, however the only downside I could find is the lack of illustrations. In fact, the book doesn’t have any pictures at all, it has just some text. The good part is it has plenty of great recipes in it and they are not to complicate as well. It has about everything you could possibly want to know about the Mediterranean Diet, so if you are just a beginner then this book could be a great start. Whatever you need to lose weight quickly, or you just want to add more recipes into your existing recipe collection, you are definitely welcome to get your own copy. We offer you both Kindle and paperback edition. The Kindle version can be yours for only $3.04USD and can be downloaded into your favorite device after you placed your order. If you prefer the paperback edition instead, then you will need to pay $10.95USD + shipping & handling, and it may take a few weeks before you receive your parcel depending on where you live. So I invite you to take action immediately and grab your own copy immediately.

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